30 November, 2010

Not doing as well as I'd hoped for...

The area in question is no longer draining, the redness and inflammation is not better, and if anything, is worse. I realized how debilitating it was tonight when I could not maneuver myself OUT of the bathtub, and "S" had to come over and give me leverage. Had I used the larger one in the master bathroom, I might have managed, although in my weakened state it would have been difficult. As it was, in the standard bathtub, lacking agility as it is, I could not get in a good and safe position for getting up, without falling. So good ol' "S" came by and helped me. I was due at my Urologist's office tomorrow for a PSA test because it was elevated when he first treated my BPH, but he expects it to be down now. It is imperative that I get it checked, because elevated PSA means prostate cancer. However, as I had an infection at that time, and infections are known to elevate the reading too, he feels that was the cause. But a follow up test is necessary. I decide instead of going to ER tonight, since it's not really an ER thing, not emergent, just difficult to cope with, and not resolving, that I'll phone tomorrow, postpone the blood work, tell them that I am bypassing them to go to Dr. "C," and that I'll make sure he has it drawn for them. I do anticipate being admitted to hospital for more aggressive treatment of this site in question. If not, I shall be surprised.

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