25 December, 2010

Much better post-admission/discharge

While there, respiratory problems set in that were most difficult. My oxygen saturation dropped to 70% and that was on 7 Liters/minute of oxygen, it temporarily affected my ability to communicate and express myself, although I knew what was going on, what I wanted, or needed. There were several "hiccups" in this admission stay that I shan't go into here. Suffice it to say that I left nonplussed, and did discuss the details of these things with my doctor. Still even so, I am not as well off as I used to be not so long ago. Merely standing in the kitchen, scraping seeds out of a squash, to bake it, tends to make me short of breath, and I must sit, relax, and regain my breath, despite being on 5, 6 or even 7 Liters/minute. Due to the fact that my (acute) Home Health is approved for only 4 weeks, I am switching to long term Hospice. This will give me a RN to monitor me, and a CNA, longer, to assist with my baths, which is a great blessing.

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