25 December, 2010

Much better post-admission/discharge

While there, respiratory problems set in that were most difficult. My oxygen saturation dropped to 70% and that was on 7 Liters/minute of oxygen, it temporarily affected my ability to communicate and express myself, although I knew what was going on, what I wanted, or needed. There were several "hiccups" in this admission stay that I shan't go into here. Suffice it to say that I left nonplussed, and did discuss the details of these things with my doctor. Still even so, I am not as well off as I used to be not so long ago. Merely standing in the kitchen, scraping seeds out of a squash, to bake it, tends to make me short of breath, and I must sit, relax, and regain my breath, despite being on 5, 6 or even 7 Liters/minute. Due to the fact that my (acute) Home Health is approved for only 4 weeks, I am switching to long term Hospice. This will give me a RN to monitor me, and a CNA, longer, to assist with my baths, which is a great blessing.

30 November, 2010

Not doing as well as I'd hoped for...

The area in question is no longer draining, the redness and inflammation is not better, and if anything, is worse. I realized how debilitating it was tonight when I could not maneuver myself OUT of the bathtub, and "S" had to come over and give me leverage. Had I used the larger one in the master bathroom, I might have managed, although in my weakened state it would have been difficult. As it was, in the standard bathtub, lacking agility as it is, I could not get in a good and safe position for getting up, without falling. So good ol' "S" came by and helped me. I was due at my Urologist's office tomorrow for a PSA test because it was elevated when he first treated my BPH, but he expects it to be down now. It is imperative that I get it checked, because elevated PSA means prostate cancer. However, as I had an infection at that time, and infections are known to elevate the reading too, he feels that was the cause. But a follow up test is necessary. I decide instead of going to ER tonight, since it's not really an ER thing, not emergent, just difficult to cope with, and not resolving, that I'll phone tomorrow, postpone the blood work, tell them that I am bypassing them to go to Dr. "C," and that I'll make sure he has it drawn for them. I do anticipate being admitted to hospital for more aggressive treatment of this site in question. If not, I shall be surprised.

28 November, 2010

Somewhat better kind of sort of maybe.

Slept heavily all day except for basics: tending to FiFi, medications, meals, etc. No doubt needed due to general ickiness of cellulitis making me feel fatigued. Had great conversation with a friend on phone despite poor connection, much enjoyed & appreciated. Assisted well by FiFi's People-Cousin Lyle with basics: unloading dishwasher, loading washing machine, hauling plastic trash bag out of kitchen trash bin into utility room, etc. On really good days, I do those things myself. On medium good days, I have one of the teenager-people-cousins of FiFi's haul the clothes hamper into utility room for me. Legs a bit swollen, not the worst they have ever been, but more so than recent weeks. Not uncomfortable, though - legs that is. Chronic anyway. Just a matter of degrees. Tends to come with the CHF. Drainage seems less. Still feel sore and general lousiness. Do believe am mending, however. Tonight, tomorrow, and Tuesday will tell for sure. Am due PSA blood work at Urologist's office, and as I feel now, don't feel up to going. Hope to feel up to it by then. Not that I ever feel up to "going" - outside much. FiFi's Aunt Pam cooking a beef brisket and said will send plate over so I don't have to fix anything. How sweet and kind!

25 November, 2010

Thanksgiving: A prose for all the people. Stanza End.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: A prose for all the people. Stanza Twelve.

A prose for all the people On this Thanksgiving day Open up your heart and soul to all And let love and compassion be our new way.

Thanksgiving: A prose for all the people. Stanza Eleven.

A prose for all the people Who would Jesus not share with What material would he put before the Soul None, and too many have compassion that is lithe

Thanksgiving: A prose for all the people. Stanza Ten.

A prose for all the people And for those sitting in church pews At the alter of Jesus they kneel Jesus and the Good Samaritan being old news