28 November, 2010

Somewhat better kind of sort of maybe.

Slept heavily all day except for basics: tending to FiFi, medications, meals, etc. No doubt needed due to general ickiness of cellulitis making me feel fatigued. Had great conversation with a friend on phone despite poor connection, much enjoyed & appreciated. Assisted well by FiFi's People-Cousin Lyle with basics: unloading dishwasher, loading washing machine, hauling plastic trash bag out of kitchen trash bin into utility room, etc. On really good days, I do those things myself. On medium good days, I have one of the teenager-people-cousins of FiFi's haul the clothes hamper into utility room for me. Legs a bit swollen, not the worst they have ever been, but more so than recent weeks. Not uncomfortable, though - legs that is. Chronic anyway. Just a matter of degrees. Tends to come with the CHF. Drainage seems less. Still feel sore and general lousiness. Do believe am mending, however. Tonight, tomorrow, and Tuesday will tell for sure. Am due PSA blood work at Urologist's office, and as I feel now, don't feel up to going. Hope to feel up to it by then. Not that I ever feel up to "going" - outside much. FiFi's Aunt Pam cooking a beef brisket and said will send plate over so I don't have to fix anything. How sweet and kind!

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